Schedule of Fees

Administrative Fee:

$250.00 per party for mediation/$500.00 per party for arbitrations. An administrative fee may be charged for Special Master proceedings; please consult with an Aequitas administrator for details about same. The administrative fee includes coordination and scheduling time, use of Aequitas’ facilities and conference rooms, complimentary snacks and beverages, document handling and exchange facilitation, copying, faxing, postage and administrative support. Courier service, express or overnight mail charges are not covered and will be invoiced to the party requesting or incurring same. Lunch will be provided upon request and invoiced to the parties at cost.


Neutrals Fee:

Average range- $200.00-$500.00 + per hour. Neutrals set their own hourly rate and professional time incurred can include, but is not limited to preparation time, phone/conference calls, the dispute resolution session(s) and any follow-up time, and any expected research or reading time incurred. Depending on the distance traveled, arbitrators and mediators may charge for travel time, mileage and expenses. A portion of the neutral’s hourly rate is retained by Aequitas as part of its administrative fee.


Cancellation Policy:

Aequitas does not charge an administrative fee if a case is withdrawn before a dispute resolution session has been scheduled. However, if proceeding is cancelled or withdrawn after Aequitas has confirmed a date with the parties and neutral, Aequitas will be entitled to its administrative fee and the neutral is entitled to a minimum (2) two-hour cancellation charge and/or may bill for any time actually spent on the case. A case that has been scheduled for more than one day which is cancelled, settled or withdrawn within ten (10) business days of the confirmed date will be assessed a minimum (4) four-hour cancellation charge for the neutral in addition to any time actually incurred by the neutral and the administrative fee.

Payment Policy:

All fees and expenses will be split equally between the parties unless there is an agreement otherwise governing the apportionment. Aequitas may require the parties to deposit such sums of money as deemed necessary to cover the expense of the proceeding, including the neutral’s compensation. At the conclusion of the matter Aequitas shall bill the parties, or otherwise render an accounting to the parties if a deposit has been made. Payment is due to Aequitas upon receipt of the bill or accounting. In the event that a matter would continue more than 30 days beyond the initial session Aequitas may also render an interim billing in addition to the billing at the conclusion of the matter.

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